In the land of covenant love…

I read a Facebook comment claiming if you can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your faith without your own spirituality suffering, that is a sign of not being spiritually connected enough with God. Wise words? Or dangerous? Let’s explore as we go into the land of covenant love…

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Episode 9: In the land of alien invasion

Yes, I am a Christian. And yes, I was profoundly more moved by A Quiet Place than I Can Only Imagine. In this trip down the rabbit hole, we go into the land of alien invasion to find the answer to the question, “Church, where is our voice?”

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On Ready Player One and loving longsuffering…

On this trip down the rabbit hole, we talk Ready Player one and a simple message of pursuit in the life of a Christian. Also, I just want to brag on God today, so I want to give you my testimony of longsuffering…and lovin it. Say WHAT? LOVING IT? Yep, give me a chance to explain…

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Church, meet Hollywood… Wait, you’ve met before?

Is Hollywood trying to keep I Can Only Imagine down? Also, we talk Paul, Apostle of Christ, Tomb Raider, and the latest chapter of the Church/Hollywood saga, a rediscovering of each other after years apart.

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